Monday, February 10, 2014

Recycled Drink Pull Ring Handbag

Ok, So what happens when you take one of these:
....infact, you take 1416 of these, and add 2842 Jump rings
An MANY hours of hand work.....

You end up with this:

This was a very labor intensive project, which I doubt Ill ever do again, mainly because of the time factor. It was a challenge, but rewarding in the end. It is made using 1416 tabs, and 2832 jump rings to hold it together.... all hand woven. It is lined with 2 layers of leather- silver leather under the rings, and red embossed leather in the lining.
 It is very light weight surprisingly. The aluminum shell weighs next to nothing.
Definitely a labor of love, but worth it in the end I think.
I also made the handles/ chain, using, once again, jump rings and "box chain" weaving technique.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Vortex Bag

My 'Vortex' bag
 OK, so  its been a little while since Ive posted. What have I been creating?
Well, I have been finished a few dresses, and will post them soon. But today what I am most excited about is sharing with you my first bag I have ever made! I designed it and made the pattern from scratch.
It is made using the "TR Vortex technique".

Unfortunately I did not take photos of the inside working of this bag. There is quite a bit of stabilizer inside to give it its body. The fabric is a fake suede. I wanted to use leather, but didn't quite have the confidence for that with this being my first attempt at a bag! The layers are quite thick, and my semi industrial sewing machine just made it through all layers, but struggled with the thicker areas.

With 'vortex' arranged differently

There were lots of 'lessons' I learned  while making this, mainly technical things which I would do differently next time. I desperately want a walking foot sewing machine for sewing leather. Anyone got a spare one they don't want?? LOL That would solve alot of the problems I encountered while making this. If I'm going to do more bags and work with leather more, then its inevitable that one of these machines will be added to my sewing machine 'family' .
Add caption

Bag together with 'vortex jacket"


The inside was hard to photograph, but it has 2 internal zippers,  3 compartments and a pocket for mobile phone.
This bag took about one week to make, including making the pattern from scratch, and research on different techniques needed to pull  this off.
Hope to share my new dresses with you soon.
Please share any bag making experiences you have had, or any tips you wish to share.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tessuti awards Finalist!!

Tessuti awards finals

Its been a  few weeks, and I dont know where time has gone! I have been working on projects, but unfortunately have nothing I can share with you at this stage.
The main news I have is that I entered my red dress into the "2013 Tessuti awards".
I have just been informed that it has been selected as a finalist! So now the dress has to be sent to Sydney for the final judging in early September. I truly did not expect this as I has numerous problems with this dress, and in all honesty it did not turn out according to my desired standard or result. In any case, I am happy. I am about to begin work on some summery dresses for a forthcoming trip possibly to Las Vegas, so hope to report back with some new creations soon.
Till then, happy creating!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

TR Platforms Final 2013 Scholarship prize


Excuse me while I squeal with delight.
This post will be brief. Just to report that after all my labors over the past year, I have just been informed that I am one of the 4 winners of the TR Platforms 2013 Scholarship/ competition.

Im looking forward to meeting Olga, Anastasiya and Indra, after admiring their work from afar for a long time. Roll on December week of fashion school in Milan.
I couldn't be happier!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

TR Grande finale 2012/13 Part 3 Black Vortex dress

TR Grande finale 2012/13 Part 3 Black Vortex dress

Of the 3 dresses I made for the TR Grande finale, this is the one which is actually the most flattering to wear. It is made using a few combined techniques. Firstly the "vortex" technique for the chest added volume, and also to get added volume/ height into the sleeve head.Next I used a  sort of TR draping to make the sleeves. As usual the photos will show all.
Pattern in the making
Pattern... vortex added volume

sleeve with TR draping


Back view

Thursday, July 18, 2013

TR Grande finale 2012/13 Part 2- White Trompe L'oeil collar dress

Part 2- White Trompe L'oeil collar dress


This dress was quite a classical one. I wanted to make a dress using the Trompe L'Oeil collar technique. The collar integrates into the back of dress with no traditional back collar.  I also used a sort of vortex to make the sleeve head shape.
Pattern in making
Back view pattern

The design lines are quite simple for this. The cuffs are flared slightly. Not much more to say about this one. Any questions, dont hesitate to ask!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

TR Grande Finale- 3 dresses!! PART 1- Red Rose

3 dresses for TR Grande finale 2012/13

Part 1- Red rose dress


Well dear readers, its all been leading up to this point in time. We have finished our weekly tasks, and now we are about to have the "TR fashion week" online, where all the participants have been invited to make a dress using his/her favorite TR technique for a big fashion show online! You can check out the amazing outcomes at the TR Finals facebook page.
For this post Id like to take you through the first of my  3 dresses I made for the grande finale. 

First I would like to share with you the making of my red rose dress. I wanted to further explore Shingo's "sculptural reconstruction" technique, so this dress is made using that technique for both the rose and the flared panels on the waist/hip.

So this is the first of 3 posts, which will show the lots of work and lack of sleep which has been going on around here! Im looking forward to catching up on sleep , and cleaning my house now! It seems like a long time since Ive done both, and it will be quite therapeutic to catch up on these much needed components of life!
Don't forget to send me your photos if you have had a go at any of these TR techniques. Im interested to hear from you!