Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mission 7 and 8- Vanishing Collars!

Mission 7 and 8- Vanishing Collars!

Mission #7
Mission #8

These 2 collars use clever pattern manipulation techniques to create these disappearing collars.
The first one begins with a pattern which looks like this:

By taping down the collar and treating it as one with the garment when you cut up the calico to use it as your pattern, it creates an optical illusion of the collar disappearing.

Of course, knowing where to place the seams, and how to sew  the jigsaw back up again is a bit tricky and takes some practice. But like all of the TR techniques, experimenting is embraced, even if the outcome is not quite as you expected, there is usually a lesson to be learned. Often a whole new idea or design can come out of these 'errors' ....something Shingo Sato calls "a happy mistake".

Mission #8

A calico toile was sewn up and then I played with the positioning of the collar. When I had it at the angle I was happy with, it was taped down with masking tape. This calico is then cut up and it is used as the master pattern, with seam allowances added. Sorry I forgot to take pictures at the pattern stage.

Missions 5 and 6

Mission 5- Origami Collar

Mission 6 - 3D Dart manipulation onto the pocket

Mission 5_ Origami Collar:
Here pleats have been added to the collar using TR Origami technique
Pattern in progress

Mission #6- 3 different pockets
Here are 3 different pockets using basic TR dart manipulation technique
Not much to say about this.

Hope you are enjoying the journey of this TR Masters challenge. It is a great experience, and certainly stretches the mind!

Missions 3 and 4

Missions 3 and 4

Balloon sleeve with ties and Hidden welt pocket

Task # 3 and 4  for the TR Masters Challenge by Shingo Sato.
Mission 3 -Here we studied Balloon sleeves with ties integrated into the pattern. I just LOVE this.
The pattern looks similar to mission 2 with little "fingers" added to the pattern. These are sewn together , and little ties are formed. Very effective isnt it?

Mission 4-
Hidden welt pocket. This one required alot of thought, and technical accuracy. 
We were given no video instructions, only SHingo's photos, from which we figured out the pattern ourselves.
One of the great things about Shingo Sato's online course is that you can work on the tasks in your own time. For me this has meant many late nights, in between looking after the needs of 2 little children. 
On to mission 4:
Welt pocket

Hidden extra side pocket

Missions 1 and 2

Missions 1 and 2

Transformational Reconstruction "Masters" versus Shingo Sato  3 month Challenge has begun.
There will be a total of 30 Missions for us to complete. These challenges are introducing some new ideas and applications for TR techniques. They are  mind stretching, with some tasks being extremely difficult to think through and achieve the outcomes. Most of the time, we are given a series of photos of Shingos's finished examples of the task, then told to figure out the pattern. This is an extremely powerful way of learning, as it forces you to think it through for yourself rather than the traditional way of just being told how to do it, and not having to get "your hands dirty" working it out by trial and error.
Mission #1- Curved Knotted welt pocket.

There are 4 pockets here, each meeting in the middle with an integrated knot. It wasn't too difficult, just adding some extra room in the welt pattern for the knots. Here is a brief video which gives a clearer idea of how its done.

Mission #2- Balloon Pockets and balloon pocket with ties
This was taking the TR "Balloon technique and applying it to pockets.

Nothing to difficult here.

This is an interesting technique, which Im excited about. Little ties are integrated into the pattern. These little ties look like creepy fingers.

Stay tuned for the next mission, and some exciting more applications for this technique.

Friday, July 4, 2014

"Transformational Reconstruction" Challenge begins again!!!

TR Challenge is on again!!



For those of you who remember, in 2012 and 2013 I was invited to take part in Shingo Sato's first online course,/ competition. 
Shingo Sato is a famous and well respected Japanese designer, who uses his own technique "Transformational Reconstruction" to create his designs. This is quite different to traditional pattern making.
We studied about 40 different techniques, which gave us the tools to tackle designs which would be unthinkable, or at very least extremely difficult using traditional pattern making techniques. Each week we were sent a new video, and set a task with a deadline. A competition element was introduced with elimination rounds. This made us all strive to do our very best work, and in this striving we surprised ourselves with the incredible designs everyone came up with. The standard was really very high. This culminated with 4 'winners' announced. Those of us who made it to the end were also given a TR Master certificate .At the end of the day, the most important thing was the knowledge and new skills we had learned by the end of it. It was tiring as there were constant challenges, and tough deadlines.

Well, just when I thought I had finished online TR challenges, it is all about to start again!
 38 "TR Masters" have been invited to the 2014 TR Masters V Shingo Sato challenge.
This will go for 3 months and involve weekly challenges.For those who make it to the end, and whose scores are the highest, a new certification of "TR Super Master" will be issued by Shingo Sato. In the process we are actually  challenging ourselves, and thus stretching our abilities, technical skills and confidence to be able to arise to a challenge , often at short notice. We will also learn some new techniques along the way.

I am very time challenged with 2 small children to look after, so my 'spare' time is very limited. I dont know how I will make it thorough another 3 months of tough challenges. But I want to do it because something in me comes "ALIVE" during this process, and I love the feeling of stretching myself on so many levels, in the end achieving something of beauty that I would never have dreamed of a few days before.

So....week 1...... our first task was a warm up task to use "TR draping" technique to create a bodice.
Here is my interpretation: 

Pattern drawn onto calico

Finished bodice

I kind of got carried away and created a whole dress.....something which I could actually wear.

This completes the warm up task for me.
I guess you'll hear back from me next week with a new installment. Who know what that might be!
So wish me luck, and trust that I can find the energy and time to make it through once again.
I hope you are inspired and take some ideas from my journey.