Friday, August 16, 2013

Tessuti awards Finalist!!

Tessuti awards finals

Its been a  few weeks, and I dont know where time has gone! I have been working on projects, but unfortunately have nothing I can share with you at this stage.
The main news I have is that I entered my red dress into the "2013 Tessuti awards".
I have just been informed that it has been selected as a finalist! So now the dress has to be sent to Sydney for the final judging in early September. I truly did not expect this as I has numerous problems with this dress, and in all honesty it did not turn out according to my desired standard or result. In any case, I am happy. I am about to begin work on some summery dresses for a forthcoming trip possibly to Las Vegas, so hope to report back with some new creations soon.
Till then, happy creating!


  1. Congratulations! The dress is absolutely beautiful. Good luck.

  2. Hi Vicki! Thanks for your kind words. I feel like I know you although we have never met. I used to follow your www. blog for many years. That was during the time I was learning to sew 2008-2009 onwards. I gained alot of inspiration and insight from reading your blog and many others on your blog roll. So now I have the chance to say thank you! You have been an inspiration to me.