Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Vortex Bag

My 'Vortex' bag
 OK, so  its been a little while since Ive posted. What have I been creating?
Well, I have been finished a few dresses, and will post them soon. But today what I am most excited about is sharing with you my first bag I have ever made! I designed it and made the pattern from scratch.
It is made using the "TR Vortex technique".

Unfortunately I did not take photos of the inside working of this bag. There is quite a bit of stabilizer inside to give it its body. The fabric is a fake suede. I wanted to use leather, but didn't quite have the confidence for that with this being my first attempt at a bag! The layers are quite thick, and my semi industrial sewing machine just made it through all layers, but struggled with the thicker areas.

With 'vortex' arranged differently

There were lots of 'lessons' I learned  while making this, mainly technical things which I would do differently next time. I desperately want a walking foot sewing machine for sewing leather. Anyone got a spare one they don't want?? LOL That would solve alot of the problems I encountered while making this. If I'm going to do more bags and work with leather more, then its inevitable that one of these machines will be added to my sewing machine 'family' .
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Bag together with 'vortex jacket"


The inside was hard to photograph, but it has 2 internal zippers,  3 compartments and a pocket for mobile phone.
This bag took about one week to make, including making the pattern from scratch, and research on different techniques needed to pull  this off.
Hope to share my new dresses with you soon.
Please share any bag making experiences you have had, or any tips you wish to share.


  1. Wow, this is awesome.. and so unique. I have made many bags but wouldn't never dream this up.. one of my bloggy friends has a bag link party if you want to add yours, I'm sure people would love to see it.


  2. Thanks for that Nissa! Im glad you enjoyed it and hope it gives some inspiration.

  3. WOW! Your bag is soooo unique....and your first bag as well??? Amazing indeed! Well done! Thanks for sharing with us at ChrisW Designs! :)

  4. Thanks Christine! I enjoyed looking at your lovely designs too.

  5. Looks absolutely fabulous especially with the jacket.